Selfconfiguring Webserver


There are different packages to choose from. Every package contains a different set of application versions. If you are not sure what package is the right one for you just download one of the highlighted packages.

Package Apache 1.3.35 Apache 2.2.15
PHP 5.3.2, SQLite EXE (~12 MB)
ZIP (~30 MB)
PHP 5.3.2, SQLite, MySQL 5.1.46 EXE (~25 MB)
ZIP (~50 MB)
EXE (~25 MB)
ZIP (~50 MB)
PHP 5.3.2, SQLite, MySQL 5.1.46, Perl 5.8 EXE (~45 MB)
ZIP (~90 MB)
EXE (~45 MB)
ZIP (~90 MB)

Additional modules

To use these packages you need a regular downloaded version from above. Please take a look at the installation instructions in the ZIP-Files for further information.


For users who made a donation I offer some additional downloads. Everyone who donates an amount greater than 10 Euros will get a user id and password to this area.
There are two levels of downloads. You can get silver or gold status depending on how much you donated. The downloads depend on this level.
Please visit the donation page to see how to donate.

Silver Donation Level

Simple Browser
Configurable Browser optimised for Server2Go and CD-ROM (more info)
Download V. 1.2.0

CD-ROM Catalogue Software
A PHP Application that provides a basic catalog software(more info).
Download V. 1.0.0

Gold Donation Level

Server2Go MAC OSX Version (beta, 10.4 only) Download the first beta version of Server2Go for MAC OSX. This beta supports only 10.4 (Tiger) at the moment. Leopard is coming soon. Download V. 0.5.0

Server2Go Development Version Download the current development version of Server2Go that isn't publicly available at the moment (whats new).
Download V. 1.6.0

Server2Go Configurator Configuration tool that allows you to change the program icon and provides the possibilty of setting a password for MySQL.
Download V. 0.3.0

20% Discount on Discstarter
Mirabyte the makers of the customisable CD-ROM Browser Discstarter is offering a 20% Discount for a Discstarter license for all Gold-Level-Donators of Server2Go.
You will get a voucher code you can use when ordering the discstarter license.


Stable-Version: 1.8.2
Development-Version: 1.8.0
MAC OSX Beta Version: 0.5.0

License: Donationware


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